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The FLAME Project has achieved its second important result

The definition of the Curriculum and the list of the Modules of the offline and online course.

FLAME has defined some selected learning outcomes based on the Survey taken by individuals working in furniture companies and based on the important areas that the responders deemed missing, creating also a ranking of the areas ordered from highest to lowest score.

The learning outcomes selected are the following ones:


  • Different basic materials 

  • Measuring methods and tools 

  • Cutting and sharpening techniques 

  • Woodworking and automated machines 

  • Technical drawings 

  • Technical regulations 

  • Joining techniques 

  • Basic maintenance 

  • Furniture construction 

  • Computerized equipment 

  • Manual tools 

  • Mounting and assembly techniques 

  • Acceptance standards 

  • Different types of auxiliary material and its properties and handling 

  • Coating and techniques to apply 

  • Construction of upholstery and mattresses 

  • Planning and production management with quality control 

  • Software for machine control and furniture construction – CAD/CAM systems. 

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